Act Now Promo       Sunrise Productions       Featured Model



Bonitas International       Off Kilter Production       Teacher Role (video below)      




Addison Craig       Wine, Women, & Shoes 2009       Fashion Show




Vintage collection       Encompass Creative       Vintage

Ad Promotional       Mike Stalneker       Fitness

Lancome       HSN Productions       Make Up Model  

Ad Promo       M Joiner       Casual, Commercial, Fashion

Ad Promo       J Maldonado       Casual, Business

Ad Promo       KeWo       Creative

Ad Promo       R Umar Abbasi       Family Shoot

Ad Promo       Andreas Thanos       Maternity

Ad Promo       ImagesbyMAT       Maternity

Ad Promo       Silverlineimages       Maternity



Industry Training       Act Now       Act Now

Modeling/ Runway Training       Act Now       Bonnie Gray

On Camera/ Script Study       Act Now       Jennifer Sindler





I enjoy motherhood, modeling, biking, photography and video production, fashion, shopping, music, networking, traveling, ice skating, knitting, reading, greyhound charities volunteering. My latest passion is promoting of healthy eating habits, I write about it in my Becoming Raw blog. I also offer EIRO nutraceutical products to help people achieve a better health:  In addition, I have an MBA degree and 9 years experience in office administration, front desk, and program management. I speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently.




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